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Different Types Of Masks To Fight Viruses and Pollutants

Different Types Of Masks To Fight Viruses and Pollutants

Masks have become one of the essential commodities in our daily life now. From fighting pollution, dust, and now the harmful Coronavirus, face masks play a pivotal role in today’s world. Masks have now become a symbol of social responsibility where compromise with hygiene is no longer an option. 

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical officials around the world are continually recommending people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the contagious Coronavirus. But figuring out what type of masks to wear has been a concern that many face nowadays. 

So, here are some masks you could consider buying online:

  • Dust Protective Masks

Dust masks are the most reliable and versatile safety wear for protecting yourself from the Coronavirus particles and contaminants. The masks are made of premium mesh and nylon materials that are known for being permeable.

  • Anti-Pollution Masks

Anti-pollution masks are quite popular in the metropolitan cities as the air quality in some areas is poor. The masks are a lifesaver for many as it helps filter out dust and other particulate matter, purifying the air in the process.

  • Medical/Surgical Masks

Medical/surgical masks are commonly found in pharmacies and used by medical professionals. They are often made of breathable and synthetic fabric and fit more snugly around your face. Also, the masks are known for effectively catching droplets when you sneeze or cough. 

  • N95 Masks 

The prevalence of this face mask is the most recognizable and effective in the market. As its name suggests, the mask blocks at least 95% of particulate matter in the air. The N95 mask is made from polyester and other synthetic fibres that help in blocking virus and bacterial particles in the air. Some masks come with exhalation valves that aid in breathing.